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In an incredible abuse of power, Mitch McConnell has staged over 550 filibusters since he became Minority Leader in 2007. It’s the highest rate of obstruction in history – but a badge of honor for McConnell, who once declared himself the “proud Guardian of Gridlock.” Stand with the DSCC and tell Senate Republicans to end this obstruction!

Now, after nearly three decades in Washington, McConnell is the embodiment of political dysfunction. He used partisan gridlock to kill job growth, stop aid to small businesses, hurt women’s ability to gain equal pay for equal work, and cut benefits for seniors and veterans.

But our grassroots army is stronger than Republican gridlock. McConnell is no match for the type of movement we’re creating.

Become a part of it. Support Senate Democrats in telling Mitch McConnell we won’t stand for GOP gridlock that obstructs American progress. 

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Letter to
Mitch McConnell
Partisan political games aren’t something to be “proud” of. It’s time to stop the GOP gridlock and start working for the American people.

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