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Tell Minnesota Lawmakers: Don’t Bail Out the Xcel Center without Fan Protections


The Xcel Center doesn't want you to know the truth about how much they favor VIPs and industry insiders with the best tickets to the best events, but they do want you and all Minnesota taxpayers to forgive $32 million in debt they owe you.

Who are they kidding? Last month the Xcel Center opposed legislation to require event venues to disclose how many tickets they make available to VIPs as compared to real people who try to buy tickets online.

The Xcel Center thinks this information is none of the taxpayers' business. But at the same time they are asking the legislature to make taxpayers give them a $32 million handout. Can you say "corporate greed"?

Tell your legislator that Minnesota taxpayers oppose giving our money to companies that dismiss us except when they want something. Make your voice heard and sign the petition below to let your legislators know that they should OPPOSE the Xcel Center Giveaway unless the Xcel Center treats ticket buyers fairly!

Letter to
Minnesota State House
Minnesota State Senate
As a Minnesotan and a constituent, I am outraged that you are considering bailing out the Xcel Center's $32 million debt to taxpayers, when the venue and its leadership have ignored and mocked fans who simply ask how many event tickets are going to VIPs instead of common folks.

Fans deserve straight answers about ticketing before the state hands the Xcel Center $32 million dollars of taxpayer money. Do not vote for HF 1061/ SF 837—the Xcel Center Bailout Act—unless you also require the Xcel Center to tell us the truth about their ticketing policies and how badly fans are treated!

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