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Tell Military They Can't Still Discriminate Against #LGBT Soldiers

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If I Lose the LGBT Community Loses! Lack of support it will send a sweeping message that the LGBT community is weak on defending its own rights and people. It will also further empower the bigoted military element and their civilian supporters into not addressing current, on-going, and future cases. Let’s get this clear I am the Plaintiff and I have not committed any crime but appearing to be gay. This Witch hunt came to a head when it snow balled into a secret investigation which turn up nothing. However the damage is done and I was not promoted to Major which led to a mandatory retirement date and defunding from Psychology school. Grant free Now, I have spent 10,000 dollars of my money to stay in school. I am now faced with having to drop out of my internship. Soldiers Legal Defense Network has supported me, ONLY, after all the evidence was presented, verified, and properly aligned. There is no reason why the LGBT community Hard Hitters are not jumping on this case. I am now playing a dual role as a Signal officer in the 311th Signal who are being very supportive, however, they are now forced to divide their time unfairly to allow me to Intern at Tripler Army Medical Center; they have been very generous and tolerant of my predicament in both units (So Far). No one should have to go through sometimes 16 hour days just because someone dropped the ball. Let me also make something else crystal clear. I outted myself and am the ONLY openly Gay Army officer in the state of Hawaii. I am a Dominican Blatino Jew originally from Connecticut. I had to do this in order to fight this injustice openly and without being Black-mailed. I have supported our community through 4 years of LGBT, Anti Bullying, PLHIV, DADT Repeal, and International queer activism. I dedicated most of my free time taking care of others and now I need your help and the help of Major hitters to get this story moving. Thanks for your support respectfully



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