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Tell Michele Bachmann: Denounce anti-gay bullying in your district


A string of nine teen suicides have devastated Minnesota's Anoka-Hennepin School District -- the largest district in the state, which is represented by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Many of the suicides have been linked to students being bullied for their perceived homosexuality, which has prompted a federal investigation of the district's failure to address anti-gay harassment.

Unfortunately, Anoka-Hennepin enforces a dangerous "neutrality policy" -- a gag rule that handcuffs teachers from adequately addressing anti-gay bullying.

As a congresswoman and a former Anoka-Hennepin student, Michele Bachmann is in an important position to speak out against this rule, and the tragic suicides that have led public health officials to call the area a "suicide contagion." Instead, Bachmann has remained totally silent on this issue.

Tell Michele Bachmann: Denounce anti-gay bullying in your district.

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No student should feel threatened or unsafe in school, or hopeless enough to take their own life. Speak out against anti-gay bullying and harassment in your district and across the country.