Petition Closed

The Texas GOP has put forth a 2010 party platform that includes the following planks:

-Gay people shouldn't have custody of children.

-Issuing a marriage license or performing a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple should be punishable by jail time.

-19th-century Texas statutes outlawing sex between men should be restored.Homosexuality "tears at the fabric of society."

-The national Republican party has yet to distance itself from this hateful rhetoric.

Does the Texas Republican Party speak for the RNC? If not, Michael Steele had better say so.

Letter to
Chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele
I urge you to publicly reject the anti-LGBT language in the Texas Republican Party Platform. This kind of hateful rhetoric has no place in our political discourse. Unless the RNC endorses the Texas GOP's positions, it is up to you to repudiate them.