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Tell Members of Congress to Work Together Through Bipartisanship

Right now, the United States needs bipartisan cooperation in its halls more than ever. Bills must be passed in order to ensure that this country will continue to function. We need cooperative efforts, not competitiveness or enmity in the halls of Washington. The representatives listen to voters, and care about what the voters want and will ask for in the next election.

We represent people in every part of our great nation. Many of us come from the same corner of the country; we may be residents of the same state; we may be constituents of the same district. We may even be neighbors sharing coffee next to each other in the local diner. We all care deeply about this country, and what message is carried to Washington.

Speak out with this petition. This is your chance to tell our Congress that what we want – what we need - is bipartisanship cooperation. We want Americans working with Americans. We want ideas that will carry our nation from its many heroic accomplishments of the past, to the next great deeds of the future.

Tell our representatives to approve legislation that is compassionate, that looks out for the most vulnerable and that doesn’t take chances with our country’s bipartisan reputation. Urge them to create the legislation by working together in Washington.

At this late point in budget negotiations, the country doesn’t have time for bickering and finger-pointing. It doesn’t have time for members of Congress who can’t put the country’s unity and harmony first. People are losing their homes, many are destitute in the streets and many count on our Congress to work together to resolve the country’s budget problems. Answers that work for everyone won’t come unless everyone works together.

We all know that cooperation is what gets the job done the fastest, and that bipartisan efforts do work. But if the representatives we have elected to work together can’t find the spirit or the confidence in bipartisanship to work across the aisles, then they should step aside and help to encourage those who can.

Working in Washington is hard enough without enmity. What we need now is people who will reach across that aisle create new answers for the country’s pressing problems.

Tell the individual members of Congress what we elected each and every one of them for: to work together as fellow Americans, and as a team that uses bipartisan strengths – not bullying, politics and finger pointing – to protect this country and to get things done in Washington.

Join other Americans in working together by signing this petition and showing that the United States of America stands for bipartisanship.

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