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Tell Medicaid to give Hannah the seizure medicine she needs: Stop limiting the medicine that stops her seizures, to just 4 doses a month

Hannah Mcleod is my sweet 12 year old daughter and she suffers from an unknown disorder from birth that has caused her to be severely handicapped, she lives on life support and has seizures frequently. We use diastat to stop her seizures but Florida Medicaid will only pay for 4 doses a month. So if she runs out of it before the month is up, we have to call an ambulance and wait for them to arrive and take her to the local Emergency room about 10 miles away. By the time we get there she is having a tonic clonic grand mal seizure and is jumping off the bed with violent seizures. They then give the the same medicine I give her at home, but a larger dose is required to stop it and the recovery period is also longer. So, medicaid would rather let her seizure last longer and be more severe, pay for an ambulance and emergency room visit then allow her to have access to the medicine she needs. Please sign and share this petition for Hannah. She has so little in this life and she's suffered so much already. She shouldn't have to suffer any more if she doesn't have to. Thank you!

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  • Hannah doesn't have to suffer. Please help me send a message to medicaid

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