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Tell MD Car Dealers to Stop the Unfunny Business of Yo-Yo Scams

It’s time to stop deceiving consumers! Yo-yo scams happen when a car dealer decides to change the terms of your new purchasing contract – often after you’ve signed the contract and left the dealer’s lot. Yes, this practice is illegal in Maryland, but yo-yo scams are still occurring at alarming rates.

Please take action today by signing onto our petition! Tell the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to leave the game-playing on the playground and not at the car dealer lots.

By using deceitful bait-and-switch tactics, car dealers trick you into paying a higher interest rate, a larger downpayment, or signing a longer contract that may add thousands to the cost of the car.

Maryland consumers deserve better! Please take a few minutes to stand up to yo-yo car dealers by signing this petition today.

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  • John T. Kuo, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

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