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Tell McDonalds to stop ~ McCruelty: I’m Hating’ It

If you are reading this then that means you agree with me and everyone else who reads this, that McDonalds has messed with us for to long and needs to be stopped! Millions of innocent animals are sent to their factory every year. This is a quest that all of us need to participate in.


 'Cruel' treatment

PETA takes the view that some of the practices that McDonalds supports - even in the United States and the United Kingdom - are still cruel.

McDonalds suppliers are under the spotlight  

"We have undercover footage of a McDonalds supplier in India slitting the throats of goats and then tossing the animals in a pile to bleed to death," said PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich.


"And in footage from El Salvador, men are attempting to stun cattle by stabbing them repeated in the back of the neck.


"With few animal standards in much of the world one can assume the level of the abuse is going on would really revolt people anywhere in the developed world."


In the past McDonalds have objected to the United States' financial regulators about PETA's proposed resolution on the grounds of excessive length which would take up too much time and the annual general meeting.


However, PETA saw this as a "pretty pathetic last grasp effort" and suggest that caring consumers are not going to accept cruelty and animal abuse even if is going on in other countries.  

Obviously, we want McDonald's to stop selling meat altogether, but here are the things we suggested that it do immediately to reduce suffering for countless animals. The first six are based on the McLibel verdict (areas where they were found to be "responsible for cruelty to animals") or U.S. law.


 1. Give chickens at least 1.5 square feet of living space, as recommended by the USDA. McDonald's allows just .55 square feet of room, which isn't even enough space to spread one wing.


2. Stop selling eggs from factory-farmed hens. Between four and seven hens are stuffed into tiny wire mesh cages which are stacked in warehouses, as many as 100,000 hens in these huge sheds. They can't breathe. They can't move. By the time they're shipped to slaughter, most are crippled or have broken bones. The conditions under which animals are being raised are so appalling that the entire European Union has decided to phase out battery cages.


3. Require improved standards for transportation. Animals raised for McDonald's food are handled so roughly during transport that every year, millions suffer broken bones and millions more die from the heat or cold.


4. Require improved standards for slaughter. To date, McDonald's has not even attempted to require its slaughterhouses to meet federal minimum standards for slaughter of cows and pigs (no standards exist for birds), which state that 100 percent of animals should be fully stunned before their throats are slit. In fact, McDonald's training video tells slaughterhouse workers that it's OK if five cows in every 100 can be conscious while they are skinned and dismembered-a direct violation of federal regulations. When the meat industry's own expert on animal handling suggested that with virtually no effort, McDonald's could require its suppliers to hire two stunners, thus markedly decreasing the number of animals who are skinned and dismembered while conscious, McDonald's refused.


5. Stop using genetically altered birds who suffer from painful leg deformities. The chickens McDonald's uses are genetically bred to grow so large, so fast that their legs can't bear their own weight.


6. Stop buying pigs from farms that keep sows in intensive confinement. These pigs live their entire lives in cement stalls, unable to turn around. Pregnant sows are often tethered to the front of iron grills, unable to nuzzle their babies or make a birthing "nest." These stalls are so cruel that they have been outlawed in the U.K., but McDonald's refuses to phase them out.


7. Offer a veggie burger at all U.S. McDonald's restaurants. (McDonald's currently offers veggie burgers and vegetarian nuggets in many of its European restaurants.)


Not only did McDonald's refuse to consider any of these steps, but the company is continuing to lie to consumers in its correspondence and in its Web site and is knowingly violating the only federal humane standard that exists (the Humane Slaughter Act) for animals raised for food.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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