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Stop gendered marketing of Happy Meals toys

It’s 2016. So much progress has been made recently in the name of equality and freedom of expression. I am the mother of a two year-old boy, and I’m so excited at the prospect of him growing up in a world where he feels free to be himself. So I was surprised to see that McDonald’s in Canada is still using archaic gender stereotypes with their Happy Meal toys. Recently, my son got a Happy Meal and picked a pink toy. Because of this colour, the receipt came back reading: “1 Happy Meal Toy Girl.” Please tell McDonald’s to stop marketing toys based on gender.What's a girl toy? Boy toy? My son should have the freedom to choose whichever toy he wants to play with, regardless of colour or type -- such basic values of tolerance and acceptance should be encouraged for our children.So far, McDonald’s has not responded to my questions on social media regarding this practice, so after talking it over with my family, I’ve decided to start this petition.This practice was already discontinued in the United States after customers raised concerns. In 2013, Chief Diversity Officer Patricia Harris addressed this policy in the US, writing: “It is McDonald’s intention and goal that each customer who desires a Happy Meal toy be provided the toy of his or her choice, without any classification of the toy as a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ toy and without any reference to the customer’s gender. We have recently re-examined our internal guidelines, communications and practices and are making improvements to better ensure that our toys are distributed consistent with our policy.”Let kids be kids! Please help me change the marketing McDonald's uses when referring to the toys they offer in a Happy Meal. Tell McDonald’s to make this policy consistent in Canada, too.
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  • President and CEO, McDonald's Canada
    John E. Betts
  • Senior Vice President of National Marketing, McDonald's Canada
    Antoinette Benoit
  • Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, McDonald's Canada
    Richard P. Ellis
  • Director of External Communications & Social Media, McDonald's Canada
    Jeanette Jones
  • Global Chief Diversity Officer, McDonald's Corporation
    Pat Harris
  • McDonald's Canada

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