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Tell Mayor & Pittsburgh Police CONDOMS are NOT a crime !

Pittsburgh, PA has now joined the list of cities where cops are using condoms possession to justify arrests, this is WRONG and goes against everything we in the GLBT Community - Transgender Community - and society advocate for which is SAFE SEX for ALL !!!

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Mayor Of Pittsburgh, PA
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Don't Discourage Condom Use!


Police in your city are using the possession of condoms as evidence of intent to commit prostitution. This is a public health nightmare and needs to stop immediately.

We should be encouraging as many people as possible to practice safer sex and this policy is likely to have the opposite effect. People -- sex workers and others -- are less likely to use condoms if they know that the police might consider possessing them evidence of intent to commit a crime.

Stopping the spread of disease, especially HIV/AIDS, should be our top priority, and this backwards policy puts all of us at risk.

I hope that you will both instruct your police forces to stop considering the possession of condoms as evidence of intent to commit any crime, and, further, I hope you will make a strong public statement that no one in your city should be afraid to practice safe sex for fear of arrest or prosecution.

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