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Tell MasterCard, Visa, JCB, AmEx, PayPal To Stop Facilitating The Mail Order Bride Business


To continue the success demonstrated by the elimination of Diners Club from the Bride Trafficking Industry, effort must now be directed toward the next obvious targets: major credit card companies.

The facilitating of payments used in the recruitment and sale of mail-order brides is unregulated. All the major credit card companies are involved and have been for years. The international on-line matchmaking business appears to be thriving largely because of increased Internet use worldwide, low overhead and start-up costs, and the seemingly endless supply of eligible foreign women. Today, any man with Internet access, an electronic photo (even ten years old) and a credit card can shop. Do these card companies really need this business badly enough? Diners Club proved that the answer is no.  Other card companies must now be directed to the same conclusion. The following is a very small sample of Bride Trafficking sites that have teamed up with MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, and PayPal.

While legitimizing the purchase of a human being by way of business relationships with respectable US-based corporations is ethically and philosophically disgusting, it also reduces the logistical barrier to buying a bride.  Removing that barrier allows trafficker husbands to more easily acquire women.  It opens the door to an ever increasing class of criminals to buy and exploit these women.

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