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27 wild dolphins were recently captured in the Solomon Islands. Since their capture, two have already died. They wait in temporary holding pens for Resorts World Singapore, or RWS, to complete its marine mammal park. There, they will live our the remainder of their shortened lives by entertaining people in order to turn a profit for RWS. Many will die within the first seven years. 

Mastercard is currently running a special promotion with RWS. The special began in July and ends on November 18th. During the promotion, cardholders can purchase discounted tickets to RWS and receive a retail voucher if they use their Mastercard. 

Ask Mastercard to end their promotion with Resort World Sentosa and send a strong message to the resort that kidnapping wild dolphins isn't acceptable. Tell them NOT to do business with other theme parks like SeaWorld's Discovery Cove and stop promoting the live dolphin trade.

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Letter to
Corporate Public Relations Jennifer Stalzer
Investor Relations
CEO Ajay Banga
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Executive Vice President Robert Selander
Mastercard Consumer Inquiries
Corporate Public Relations Chris Monteiro
General Counsel Noah Hanft
VP of Communications, Asia/Pacific Georgette Tan
Mastercard Advisors
I am writing you to ask you to discontinue your special promotion that allows cardholders to purchase discounted tickets to Resorts World Singapore.

27 wild dolphins were recently captured in the Solomon Islands. They are now kept in temporary holding pens and two dolphins have already died since the capture.

The process of capturing wild dolphins is anything but humane. As you know, dolphins are highly social animals that live and work together in pods. During the act of capture, pods are torn apart and family units are separated by motor boats. This creates chaos, panic and distress for the dolphins. Many dolphins drown or are fatally injuring during capture.

Statistics show that 53% of dolphins that survive the capturing process die within the first three months once placed in captivity. Studies confirm that captive dolphins have a significantly reduced lifespan in comparison to wild dolphins.

Once in captivity, dolphins suffer from depression, boredom, disease and stress. The dolphins caught in the Solomon Islands will be forced to perform unnatural tricks in order to turn a profit for Resorts World Singapore.

The 25 remaining dolphins are often referred to as the, "Sentosa 25" or, "The World's Saddest Dolphins." Hundreds of thousands of people have spoken out in support for the Sentosa 25 and demand that Resorts World release them.

By ending your promotion with Resorts World Singapore, you will not only send the resort a strong message, but you will also show the world that Mastercard will not support the live dolphin trade. There are many alternative theme parks and resorts that would love to partner with Mastercard.

I ask you to please act responsibly for the Sentosa 25, and discontinue your promotion with Resorts World Singapore.

Thank you.

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