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Petitioning Harold Buckley, Sr. and 11 others

Tell MARTA Executive Board to Vote No on Fare Increases and Service Cuts!

MARTA Management has made a terrible budget proposal to the MARTA Executive Board.  They have proposed that MARTA raise fares, and cut service.  For example, Management would like to raise the monthly fare to $95.00 dollars!  They claim that fare increases and service cuts are necessary.  But here are the facts:

1.  MARTA Management and most others agree; Fare Increases and Service Cuts won't solve MARTA's fundamental financial problem.

2.  MARTA loses riders with each fare increase.  The loss of riders reduces revenue for the transit system.

3.  Service Reductions destroy jobs at a time when Georgia and Atlanta need job creation.

4.  Fare Increases and Service cuts disproportionatly attack and hurt the poor, people of color, women, working families, immigrants, youth/students, and people with disabilites.

5.  Our environment is in more jeopardy when cuts are made to public transit.

Clearly, Management's proposal is bad for Metro Atlanta.  It doesn't solve the fundamental financial problem at MARTA, and does more harm than good.  

Tell the MARTA Executive Board to stand up for human rights by voting no on MARTA Fare Increases And Service Cuts.



Letter to
Harold Buckley, Sr.
Vance C. Smith, Jr.
Robert L. Ashe III
and 9 others
Secretary Juanita Jones Abernathy
Treasurer Frederick Daniels Jr.
Vice Chair Barbara Kaufman
Chair Jim Durrett
Noni Ellison -Southall
Adam Orkin
Wendy Butler
Jannine Miller
Roderick E. Edmond
The proposed MARTA Fare Increase and Service Cuts are a bad idea for Metro Atlanta.

These proposals won't solve MARTA's fundamental financial problem; they will drive riders and revenue off the buses; they will make it harder for transit dependent riders to get to work, schools, hospitals/clinics, and to gain and maintain housing.

The proposals will cut jobs in the midst of economic crisis. What Atlanta and the region should be thinking of is how to keep the jobs we have, while stimulating jobs growth.

Fare Increases and Service cuts will foster more anger and disgust among riders. The people who will be most impacted by these wrong-headed proposals, are the very people MARTA needs to get the state funding for operations that MARTA so desperately deserves. Therefore, if the MARTA Executive Board and Management ever want to get State and Regional funding, they have to start by NOT attacking MARTA riders and workers.

Additionally, these proposals are discriminatory because they disproportionately impact people of color, women, workers, immigrants, youth/students, and people with disabilities in harmful ways.

For these reasons and more, we the people of Metro Atlanta demand justice. We demand that you stand up for human rights. Vote No on Proposed MARTA Fare Increases and Service Cuts!