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We’re angry! MILLIONS of us are angry and outraged at the approval of GM alfalfa. And on top of that, the USDA also did an end-run around the courts to keep GM sugar beets growing, AND approved a GM corn used for ethanol.

So what do we do? Surrender? Never!

Before I propose a way forward, I want to share a victory you may have missed in the first paragraph. I said MILLIONS. That’s right, there are millions of us. And you can hear our frustration flying around in blogs, emails, press reports, petitions, etc. Do you remember the reaction just four years ago when GM sugar beets were approved for sale? There was nothing close to this response. It was hardly a blip. Where we have come in just a few years is a cause for celebration. And an unprecedented opportunity to throw our new weight around.

Within the first six months of last year, we witnessed more people in the US than ever before enthusiastically getting the word out about the dangers of GMOs.
This was in part due to the huge internet distribution channels that have been getting articles and videos out to MILLIONS every month. (Thank you all!) And then there was the high profile media coverage of GE salmon and the sugar beet and alfalfa court cases.

In spite of their bitter outcomes at the hands of the USDA, the prolonged alfalfa and sugar beet fights actually helped elevate GMOs on our personal and national radar screens.

And now with MILLIONS of us grasping the significance and devastating loss of yet another crop, we have the components in place for a national revolution. We have the knowledge, the emotion, the network, and the profound injustice. Now we need an action plan. Enter Alfalfa: Plan B.

It’s time to use our collective power to move the market directly. It’s time we let the food companies know that we have new healthier criteria if they want to keep us as customers. And front and center in those new criteria is to commit to no GM alfalfa in their supply chain (which is used as animal feed, particularly to dairy cows).

This is our moment! Send a letter to dozens of dairies and food companies simultaneously. Let them know how strong we feel and how MILLIONS strong we are. When they get the message about the coming non-GMO tipping point, they’ll realize it’s time to remove all GM ingredients, not just alfalfa.

Share this revolution with your friends, shop using the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, and tell the food companies the truth about GMOs. And for those who want to do even more, you are invited to join a local or national Non-GMO Action Group, to expand our numbers even further!

Letter to
CEO, Kraft Irene Rosenfeld
Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Sara Lee Jon Harris
EVP of Merchandising and Logistics, Supervalu Janel Haugarth
and 16 others
Press Officer, ConAgra Regina DeMars
CEO and President, ConAgra Gary Rodkin
Senior Director of Corporate External Communications, Kraft Michael Mitchell
SVP of Communications, Pepsi Julie Hamp
Pam Becker
Public Relations Officer, Pepsi Jeff Dahncke
CEO, Costco Jim Sinegal
Public Affairs, Safeway Teena Massingill
CEO, Safeway Steve Burd
Media Relations, Kroger Brendon Cull
CEO, Kroger David Dillon
CEO, Walmart Michael Duke
Executive Vice President and COO, Kellogg John Bryant
Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills Jerry Lynch
CEO, Sara Lee Christopher Fraleigh
Media Hotline, Kellogg Media Hotline
I am one of millions who are now seeking non-GMO foods and urge you to instruct your supply chain to not use GM alfalfa. In fact, I urge you to abandon all genetically modified (GM) ingredients. This will prove to be a wise business strategy, as a consumer tipping point against GMOs is expected soon in North America. When such a tipping point was achieved in Europe in late April 1999, major companies quickly committed to remove GM ingredients within a single week. This caught the biotech industry by surprise, whose pundits had predicted earlier in the year that GMOs would replace 95% of all commercial seeds in the world within just five years.

There are enough signs of a coming tipping point in the US that you don’t have to be caught unprepared, like the European marketers were. “Non-GMO” is the fourth fastest growing label in the US, Non-GMO Action Groups are forming in nearly every state, hundreds of non-GMO speakers have been trained, medical organizations like the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have condemned GMOs and called on all doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets, and numerous studies now implicate GM feed with a range of serious disorders in lab animals. The momentum against GMOs is multiplying rapidly―just as Supermarket News predicted it would more than a year ago.

If the tipping point does come, the introduction of GM alfalfa will prove to be a disaster. It is a perennial plant. If the farmers in your supply chain plant it, the cost to remove it later on (which is a requirement for your products to be declared non-GMO) will be enormous. Tell your suppliers now not to plant the newly de-regulated alfalfa variety. You will save them and you from a huge problem in the not too distant future.

At the same time, I urge you to start finding non-GM replacements for your GM sugar beet sugar, soy and corn derivatives, and cottonseed and canola oils, if you use them. There are already thousands of products that are now enrolled in the Non-GMO Project, with more being added every month. You’ll definitely want to jump on that bandwagon as soon as possible. GMOs will soon be “so last decade.”

Thank you for being sensitive to the needs and desires of your customers who are also your shareholders.