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Tell Louisiana The Abuse of Laws End Here

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Lake Charles Louisiana recently passed a new law requiring those who have already been sentenced for a crime to start paying $600.00 dollars to be monitored.. that is just the beginning.

"It seems like every two or three months somebody pops up with a new rule or new law or something like this," said Daniel Dean.  

The new law sponsored by Councilman John Ieyoub requires offenders to now pay $600 to register to live in the City of Lake Charles, plus $200 a year after that. It also requires offenders to disclose more about the nature of their crime, victims and criminal history.

All of this might be somewhat acceptable, but the sticking point is that these people have already been sentenced for their crime.. that is a contract with the state... some took plea bargains which are LEGAL CONTRACTS BETWEEN THE STATE OR CITY AND THE OFFENDER.

This action negates those contracts...

If the state can throw out a legally binding contract on these people, how can anyone ever trust an agreement with the state in any situation?

I say, they cannot.

That is why both the state and federal government have a ban on Ex-Post Facto laws being created... 

What is an ex post facto law? An ex post facto law is a new law created after a person has been sentenced or served out their complete sentence for a crime, which adds new punishments to their sentence.

Kinda like if your child get a spanking for misbehaving, then weeks later you come back and spank them again for that same misbehavior... EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NOT MISBEHAVED AGAIN!

This practice not only violates the constitution, but also violates these lawmakers' Oath of Office which states they will uphold, support and protect the Constitution.

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