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Tell Louisiana: Oral Sex Doesn’t Make You a Sex Offender

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In Louisiana, sex workers convicted of performing oral or anal sex are subjected to felony charges, longer jail time, and forced to register as sex offenders after their prison sentence is over.

Louisiana has an outdated “crimes against nature” law still on the books that add these harsher punishments. A first time conviction for prostitution is a misdemeanor, but a “crimes against nature” conviction is a felony, subject to up five years in prison a $2000 fine and sex offender registration.

All of this ends up presenting additional dangers and struggles to an already vulnerable population.

In New Orleans, the city police report that women commit only 4% of sexual assaults, yet they account for about 25% of registered sex offenders because of this law. These women who often turned to sex work to escape poverty are then turned away from many regular social services including safe housing and hurricane storm shelters because of their sex offender status, and end up forced to share shelter spaces with people who have committed sexual assault and rape.

Further, because of the felony status of the charge, these sex workers aren’t able to access many benefits like food stamps that could otherwise help them survive.

Send a letter to the Governor of Louisiana and the state legislature telling them that “crimes against nature” laws are unfair, outdated, and not helping to keep our communities safe.

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