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Tell Long Branch Schools No to $0 lunch balance!

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I feel that this is important because the children who stand in line to get their lunch,may owe $1.00 and they will get their lunch taken from them and givin a cheese sandwich.I think its terrible and not human to do such a thing.Not only is it terrible,but embarrassing to the child standing there getting their hot lunch taken out of their hands and getting it replaced with a cheese sandwich.What if the child cant eat cheese? Are they thinking of the single parents that are working full time,paying all the bills alone,keeping that roof over their childrens head and making payments on lunch bills.I think $25-$30 is a fair amount.Not $0. At least $25-$30 is not a outrageous bill and gives those parents a chance to pay.I think its unfair and just cruel.I'm not doing this petition because i owe or because i dont want to pay,im doing this for the kids,the kids that should'nt have the embarrassment of getting their lunch ripped away from them,and maybe be made fun of for it.Kids bully and pick on kids for any reason.And this is the perfect opportunity for this to happen!!


Im not saying parents dont have to pay these bills either,again thats  not why im doing this.$0 is not a fair amout.There is no reason a child should cry in line becasue they cant have a hot lunch,when its not their fault...

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