Tell LEGO to stop selling out girls! #LiberateLEGO

Why not just add all of the colors including pink and purple in a gender neutral creative Lego sets? It should not matter if girls or boys like pink or purple or orange or any other color of the rainbow. While I see the point being raised about some sets being marketed towards girls being less build able, especially the smaller ones, some of the larger sets like Cinderella's Romantic Castle are just a buildable as ever, they are just very pink and purple. Maybe the grossly offensive assumption is that girls only like LEGOs if they have lots of pink and purple. It would be nice for LEGO marketing to quit enforcing gender stereotypes and typecasting. Like if the set their minds to create more sets in the Creator series that aren't vehicles of some sort.

Jane Klingsten, Ann Arbor, MI, United States
7 years ago
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