Tell LEGO to stop selling out girls! #LiberateLEGO

Because all of my building toys when I was a little girl were in "boy" colors. Because I never saw a girl in the lego commercials as a little girl, and I liked legos even though they were in "boy" colors. I like the lions and tigers and the police officers and firefighters and harry potter lego sets. I liked building cities with even the plain regular lego bricks. Now, I see lego commercials with girls in them, but the toys marketed to girls are all superficial things that don't inspire girls to build things with the legos, to construct things, but rather to play out air-headed fantasies of vanity mirrors and cafes and shopping and flowers and clothes. Its stupid, and it discourages girls from creating and building, from something that could encourage them to pursue STEM careers later on in life. Put girls in the regular lego commercials!

Lauren La Riva, Austin, TX, United States
7 years ago
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