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Tell Legislators to Oppose the Open-Pit Mining Bill!

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The latest open-pit mining bill is 206 pages of flawed, extreme, one-sided proposals:

- It allows waterways to be filled with mining waste.

- It prevents citizens from having input on proposed mines.

- It subjects our water to toxins like arsenic, lead, and mercury. 

Unfortunately, the list goes on. Each new rollback in the bill is a gift to out-of-state mining companies and a detrimental loss of rights and opportunities for Wisconsin citizens. We can prevent this terrible bill from becoming law, but we must be loud and united in voicing our opposition. Please take action today!

Our fight to oppose the open-pit mining bill is really a fight to protect our water. Our outdoor traditions, our tourism industry, and our families' health all depend on clean and plentiful water. Our fight is also about saving places like those pictured above - the headwaters of the Bad River (photo by Pete Rasmussen). The Bad River watershed is home to pristine wildlife habitat, gives root to rare wild rice beds, and is the source of drinking water for thousands. Sacrificing this Wisconsin gem for the benefit of an out-of-state mining company is unthinkable. Please take action today!

The mining lobbyists are in the Capitol right now trying to shore up the votes they need to pass this bill. We've defeated this bill before. We can do it again, but only with your help. Please take action today - and then activate your networks by sharing on your Facebook wall.

Tell Legislators: Oppose the Open-Pit Mining Bill. Remember - personalized messages often carry more weight, so please edit the letter to share your specific concerns.

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