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Tell Legislative Leaders: I Support a Stronger MinnesotaCare


As someone with diabetes, the difference in my life with and without MinnesotaCare is stark. Without MinnesotaCare, I have been forced to choose between paying rent and paying for my insulin. And choosing to keep a roof over my kids’ heads has landed me in the hospital over and over again. But with MinnesotaCare, I take my insulin. I stay healthy, and I take care of my family. MinnesotaCare makes my life livable.” – Corey Lloyd

In the next few months, the Minnesota lawmakers will determine Corey’s fate when our elected leaders decide the future of MinnesotaCare. Corey and thousands of others like him rely on this essential program for comprehensive health care they can afford. They need it in order to work, take care of their families and be productive member of our communities.

Lawmakers have an opportunity to strengthen MinnesotaCare through a piece of the Affordable Care Act -- and Minnesotans like Corey can't afford us to take a step backward. Tell Speaker Thissen and Majority Leader Bakk: Please act quickly to improve MinnesotaCare!

Letter to
Minnesota Speaker of the House Paul Thissen
Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk
The legislature has a huge opportunity this year to expand and improve MinnesotaCare as part of the Affordable Care Act. Improving this program would mean better care for thousands of Minnesotans and substantial federal funds to help with the state’s budget crunch.

MinnesotaCare is a bipartisan, effective program that working families in this state have relied on for two decades for affordable, stable health coverage. We've long been a national leader in health care. The choice is clear. Continue Minnesota’s legacy by making MinnesotaCare a model for the country. Please act quickly to take advantage of the opportunity to improve this essential program.

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