We Demand A Ban On Froggy’s Lair Biospheres!!!

We Demand A Ban On Froggy’s Lair Biospheres!!!

January 11, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Froggy’s Lair is a business that strives to commercialize African Dwarf Frogs in toy stores as stem certified “biospheres” while disregarding ethical pet keeping and public health. The owners use credentials or degrees unrelated to herpetology to assert their qualifications.


They sell African Dwarf Frogs in 1/2 gallon and one gallon containers without heat, aeration, filtration or room to move around comfortably. 

Froggy’s Lair markets their products to children and first time pet owners as an easy alternative pet. 

Their “biospheres” can be found in vape shops, hardware stores and most commonly, in toy stores such as Learning Express. 

Froggy’s Lair misleads customers with false claims, including that they engineered a bio-activated sand which allegedly acts as an instant nitrogen cycle, and that a water change every 2-3 months is sufficient. 

The care instructions provided with the “biospheres” lead to starvation, ammonia burns, and death of the frogs.

Nowhere on the Froggy’s Lair website or product packaging do they warn customers about the risks of getting salmonella or mycobacterium if the frogs or items inside “biosphere” are handled. 

Young children are at an increased risk of being infected by Salmonella from a pet frog, because their immune systems are not as strong and they often put their fingers or objects in their mouths.

People who are immunocompromised (e.g. HIV/AIDS patients, transplant recipients, cancer patients) are also more likely to get sick from Salmonella because their immune system cannot fight infections as efficiently.


There are devastating consequences of releasing African Dwarf Frogs into the wild. Froggy’s Lair fails to educate consumers of this risk. 

In the past 3 decades, population decline and localized mass extinctions of amphibians have been observed in locations all over the world. These declines are known as one of the most critical threats to global biodiversity.

One of the main causes of these drastic population declines has been attributed to several varieties of Chytrid fungi and other emerging diseases.                 

It is imperative that Froggy’s Lair approaches these infections seriously, so as to stop the reintroduction of disease back into the wild.
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Aquatic Ally Organization 



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Signatures: 1,054Next Goal: 1,500
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