Tell leaders: Sign the Treaty to Prevent Placing Weapons in Space!

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This is an urgent appeal for your help in preventing the placement of weapons in outer space, by signing a petition to oppose this dangerous plan. The consequences would be catastrophic for our civilization, for all life, and for our planet Earth. Plans and actions toward weaponizing space are already in place and accelerating, with serious intentions to deploy space-based lasers and other horrific and costly weapon systems that could destroy current and future satellites and risk  security and business ventures—turning the space above all our heads into a cosmic war zone. This would lead us into yet more wars on Earth, more extreme suffering and destruction, and into serious extinction-level environmental issues. And all with the insane ultimate goal of world domination. This vitally important Treaty agreement is posted on We the people call on our leaders to sign this Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, IMMEDIATELY. I hereby sign this Petition to oppose the placement of any weapons in outer space. Instead, I call on our leaders to expand the peace and cooperation in space that will benefit all.