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Petitioning Sales Manager, Lamar Advertising Sue Hohenbrink

Tell Lamar Advertising: We won't stand for anti-LGBT speech on your billboards



The Church on Strayer – a Toledo, Ohio church of 2,500 members – recently purchased nine billboards around the city broadcasting the message, "Being Gay is NOT a gift from God."

Lamar Advertising – the company that provided the ad space for this dangerous message – should know better. Hateful ads are not worth the profit – especially at a time when so many LGBT youth are already bombarded with hostility from peers and school administrators. The last thing anybody needs is to see this kind of distorted message on their walk home from school.

Lamar Advertising claims to be the nation's leading outdoor advertising firm – and spreading lies and prejudice is not the behavior we expect from a leader.

Tell Lamar Advertising to put principle before profit: Take down the hateful billboards in Toledo before they do any more damage.


Letter to
Sales Manager, Lamar Advertising Sue Hohenbrink
It has come to our attention that The Church on Strayer purchased nine billboards from your company, all of which currently display a hateful anti-LGBT message: "Being gay is NOT a gift from God."

I ask that you take down these billboards immediately and put policies in place to make certain that future Lamar-backed advertisements are free of this sort of dangerous speech.

As the nation's leading outdoor advertising company, Lamar must set an example for the advertising industry and stand up against hate.

I look forward to your and your company's quick response to this critical issue.


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