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Petitioning Lady Gaga

Tell Lady Gaga To Apologize About Meat Commercial

Popular singer Lady Gaga created a photo shoot for Vogue magazine, in which she is almost naked, covered only in meat.

As you know, meat is one of the biggest threads to human population and is devastating animal population. It is torture.

Please, let Lady Gaga know that you don´t support her decision and politely ask her to apologize about this act.

For more information about meat consumption, please visit:

Letter to
Lady Gaga
I have just seen your Vogue Japan meat photo shoot. I want you to know that your desicion to create this photo shoot disappointed me and although you support LGBT community, from now on I will not buy your CD or attend your concert until you apologize for this act.

I hope that you will not support meat industry again because of millions of suffering animals who die every day not only because of your unhealthy food but now also because of your clothes.

Thank you for understanding me.