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Tell KFC to stop using rainforest destruction before it's too late!


We've discovered KFC's secret recipe and it's rainforest destruction. Our researchers have found that KFC's throw-away packaging contains rainforest fiber from Indonesia's rainforest.

That's right. KFC is destroying the habitat of the last remaining Sumatran tigers for potato wedges and 12-piece buckets of extra crispy chicken. It's disgusting.

KFC gets the paper for its packaging from a notoriously destructive company called Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). And APP is driving rainforest destruction in Indonesia at an alarming rate to meet KFC's demands — leaving endangered Sumatran tigers with nowhere to go.

Don't let fast food packaging be the end of the Sumatran tiger and everything else that calls the Indonesian rainforest home. Help us expose the truth behind KFC's real recipe. Tell KFC to stop serving up fast food in forest destruction by taking action today!

Letter to
KFC President Roger Eaton
YUM! Brands CEO David Novak
I recently learned KFC is using throw-away paper packaging made from rainforest trees. This has to change. There is no excuse to trash rainforests including forests critical to endangered tigers for chicken buckets.

It's not just tigers that are affected by the deforestation your company is linked to. This forest destruction is threatening other species like Sumatran orangutans and elephants, making climate change worse, and getting in the way of much-needed sustainable development.

Yum! Brands, and the suppliers you buy from, are link to the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests through Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). According to its own public statements, APP, continues to use timber from the rainforests of Indonesia to make paper products. APP continues to use this timber despite the negative impact on the people and wildlife that depend on the rainforests for their survival, and despite the fact that it is accelerating climate change.

KFC is one of the most prominent fast food brands around the world. As an industry leader, you should use your position to help not harm efforts to conserve the world's last rainforests. Other companies in your sector have begun addressing the problem. But YUM! lags far behind.

Unlike a number of other major international companies, KFC and Yum! have no sustainability policies to exclude commodities connected to rainforest destruction. In fact, the group has consistently failed to even answer questions about its sourcing of products such as palm oil, soy and paper products.

I would like to see KFC become a leader in the use of sustainable forest products, and for this to happen you should put in place a new standards for all commodities like paper that impact forests, including paper products, and make sure that its products are made in ways that don't damage the environment.

I am asking you to act today to clean up your supply chains. Please stop pushing endangered wildlife like the Sumatran tigers to the brink of extinction for throw-away fast food packaging.

Thank you for considering my views,

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