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Petitioning Representative Ken Summers

Tell Ken Summers: Coloradans don't want your extreme, anti-gay beliefs in the State Senate


Colorado State Representative Ken Summers has said that he believes being gay is a result of abuse or drug use. The addiction treatment clinic that he runs for youth has been questioned for providing ex-gay therapy--a practice condemned by every major medical and psychological association--to gay, lesbian, and bisexual teenagers. Now, Representative Ken Summers wants to represent YOU in the Colorado State Senate.

Does Ken Summers represent you? Do you want his out-of-touch, dangerous beliefs about gay people in the Colorado Capitol?

Sign our petition and tell Ken Summers that ex-gay therapy is wrong. Tell him that his beliefs and practices are hurting vulnerable youth in Colorado. Tell him that we don’t want his lies in our State Senate.

Letter to
Representative Ken Summers
Your extreme views don’t represent Coloradans who know that you can’t train or manipulate someone into being heterosexual. We don’t want your our-of-touch ideas about gay people in our State Senate.

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