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Tell Ken Cuccinelli: Planned Parenthood is Not 'Racist'

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Ken Cuccinelli has said a lot of extreme things, but here’s a new one: In 2011, he suggested that Planned Parenthood was racist in nature. Yes, you read that right. Ken Cuccinelli called Planned Parenthood racist.

In a 2011 speech, Cuccinelli asked the audience to “pull out the map of Virginia” and “look at where the abortion clinics are,” implying that the motivation behind founding Planned Parenthood was racist in nature. He also circulated a letter to the editor titled “Planned Parenthood decried as ‘racist” in his supporter newsletter, the Cuccinelli Compass.

And perhaps worse yet, Cuccinelli refuses to denounce his own running mate's statement that Planned Parenthood has “been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK.”

But what Ken doesn’t mention is this: the same year he delivered that speech, Planned Parenthood saw over 23,000 patients in Virginia alone. That’s 4,117 cervical cancer screenings, 3,883 breast exams, and 5,952 STI exams - all life-saving screenings and treatments that Ken Cuccinelli would try to cut if elected.

Ken Cuccinelli and his Tea Party friends aren’t going to stop attacking women’s health anytime soon. The good news is that the people of Virginia get to make a choice between two candidates this November: extremist anti-choice Cuccinelli, and Terry McAuliffe: a Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidate who wants to protect a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion.

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