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Petitioning District Court Judge, Colorado 5th Judicial District Frederick Gannett

Tell Judge Frederick Gannett: Reject Plea Agreement for Hit-and-Run Wealth Manager

On July 3, Steven Milo was riding his bicycle when he was allegedly struck from behind by wealth manager Martin Joel Erzinger. Rather than stop and call 911, or otherwise seek help for Dr. Milo, Erzinger fled the scene and called the Mercedes auto assistance service for help with his broken side mirror.

A month ago, Eagle County DA Mark Hurlbert announced a plea agreement with Erzinger, against the wishes of Dr. Milo, because he was worried that Erzinger may be unable to keep his job, where he is dedicated to "ultra high net worth individuals, their families and foundations." 

Hurlbert then rubbed salt into the wound when he admitted that he proposed the plea bargain before any discussion with Dr. Milo and his lawyer.

This Thursday, Judge Frederick W. Gannett has the opportunity to reject the plea bargain, honor the wishes of the victim, and ensure that Martin Erzinger faces trial on felony charges. Let's let him know where we stand.

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Letter to
District Court Judge, Colorado 5th Judicial District Frederick Gannett
Every morning, when schoolchildren across the United States pay tribute to their country, they honor the principle of "justice for all." The plea bargain that Mark Hurlbert offered Martin Joel Erzinger spits in the face of this principle, signifying that justice might turn a blind eye if you're rich enough.

Traffic laws exist to motivate all drivers to act in a manner that is safe for other users of the road, including pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. The enforcement of traffic laws should not differ depending on a driver's ability to write a check, but rather on the ability of the law to motivate drivers to drive safely. What Erzinger is accused of doing is clearly criminal, and the plea bargain sends a message to drivers that the penalties for neglecting the welfare of others on the road, causing life-altering injury, and showing no concern for the victim can be avoided with a large enough bank account.

This Thursday, please reject Martin Erzinger's plea bargain, and take a stand for justice for all.

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