Decision Maker Response

John Lewis Partnership’s response

Jun 18, 2014 — Thank you for your interest in this important issue.

Fair pay is one of the core principles of the John Lewis Partnership and we share the Living Wage campaign’s objectives to pay employees fairly. We achieve that, however, through different means. Our policy is to pay the market rate for a job and as much above that as can be justified by performance. On top of that our Partners receive a share of our profits as well as other benefits such as a final salary pension (after a qualifying period).

In relation to cleaning, with a few historical exceptions, the majority of cleaners who work in our branches are, as with almost every company, contractors. Most work for more than one company, often on the same day.  Like all retailers we work with many different contractors of various kinds throughout our supply chain. We could not operate effectively if all our contractors were Partners.

We take our responsibilities to all our suppliers and contractors very seriously. We expect them to uphold good employment standards. We have made a number of improvements to the definition of those standards recently, including improved processes around contract placement and contractor management. However, we do not believe it is right for us to insist our suppliers or managing agents adopt pay policies that are different to our own by setting base pay levels well above the market rate.