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Tell ICE: Release Benjamin Aguilar - Father of 6 U.S.C. Children

Benjamin is a Guatemalan immigrant who came to the United States in 1996 -- over 15 years ago. He has six US citizen children -- between the ages of 2 and 10. Benjamin has been in ICE custody and away from his wife and kids for over 2 months. His children have not seen their father since the day he was taken into custody.

On the morning of March 26, ICE officers knocked on Benjamin's door in search of a fugitive residing in his neighborhood. Not only did Benjamin give these officers information on where this person lived, but he unselfishly guided them to this man's home. How did ICE show their thanks? They arrested him and left his 6 children to fend for themselves.

Benjamin is the sole financial provider for his family -- he has always cared for and taken care of his family. Three of his children suffer from severe asthma and require constant visits to their primary doctor, while one of his daughters is slowly losing her hearing. Without him, his wife has had to seek assistance from fellow members of their congregation, who have so graciously provided her with help to care for her 6 children. This has caused stress and anxiety to Benjamin, his wife and, most importantly, their children. Benjamin's release – even on an ankle bracelet – would significantly alleviate the emotional stress his detention is causing him and his family, especially his six U.S. citizen children.

Benjamin is not a threat to public safety and may be eligible to adjust his status. In fact, Benjamin has filed his application for cancellation of removal before an immigration judge. However, ICE still refuses to release him.

Please help Benjamin return to his family -- who so desperately need him. His children love him very much and need him at their side.

After you have signed, please take a Moment to Call DHS. Secretary of DHS: Janet Napolitano # (703) 235-0854; Director of ICE: John Morton # (202) 732-3000; Internal Affairs: Nicole Nava’s # (786) 387-8230. Say: "Hi, I am calling to ask you to exercise discretion under the John Morton memo and release Benjamin Aguilar Ramirez. His A# is A200-663-771. Thank you very much."

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