Petition Closed

House Republicans have officially called it quits in Washington for their summer recess. Unfortunately, they closed up shop without resolving a partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency which ensures the safety and security of the American airline industry.

The partial shutdown has meant thousands of FAA workers on furlough, safety inspectors working without pay, and millions lost in revenue by the day.

Apparently, not even the fates of 70,000 workers or costs of $30 million per day can get in the way of House Republicans' vacation. Americans want job creation and deficit reduction, but House Republicans have chosen to ignore their responsibilities in order to pander to the far right-wing who want changes in FAA funding.

Sign our petition demanding that House Republicans return to Washington to resolve the FAA shutdown. It's time they stop putting their vacation before our safety and economic security.

Letter to
House Republicans
Our national safety and economic security are more important than a Congressional recess. Return to Washington immediately and end the FAA Shutdown, so 70,000 workers can resume their normal duties and stop wasting $30 million each day.