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Do you know that a Florida policy tells students that the color of their skin — and not their school work — will determine their academic success?

Florida has set lower reading and math goals for all of its African American and Latino children, who makeup more than 50 percent of public school students. The State not only expects students of color to perform lower, but will now call their lower performance "success."


-Ensures black and Latino children will have lower reading and math skills than whites.

-Lowered expectations will lead to lowered results.

-Violates the Civil Rights Act

All students deserve an equal opportunity to succeed. Robert Burns, a 14-year-old rising ninth-grader in Miami-Dade County, warns Florida not to underestimate him or other students of color:

"I'm more than what statistics or Florida thinks of me. When I found out they were going to set lower standards for me based on the color of my skin, I felt devastated. I don't think it's fair. I don't think it's right...If you expect 60, I'll give you 60. If you shoot for the moon, I'll land on the stars."

Sign the petition to Governor Scott asking for equal goals for all public school students! We must send our children the right message about education!

Letter to
Governor Rick Scott
We, the undersigned, call on Governor Rick Scott to set equal academic goals for all children — regardless of their race — in Florida’s public schools.

Florida’s State Board of Education Strategic Plan 2012-2018, 11 (October 2012) discriminates against Florida public school children on the basis of race and national origin and compromises students’ educational opportunities through its race-based achievement goals.

This matter is crucial and we urge Governor Scott to act now. All children can and will achieve their goals if given an equal opportunity.

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