Tell Governor Lee to Keep Politics Out of Our Courts and VETO SB0868/HB1130

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Tennessee’s judiciary is under attack.

The Tennessee State Legislature is quickly pushing through SB0868/HB1130, which would create a statewide Chancery Court, represented by three judges appointed by the Governor. The court would hear all constitutional challenges to state laws and would consist of three judges representing West, Middle, and East Tennessee (Jackson, Nashville, and Knoxville), conveniently leaving out Memphis. 

There are many issues with this legislation-- This is an overreach by the governor. He’s appointing justices who’ll hear cases against the state. This is a clear conflict of interest.  Our judiciary should be separate from the executive branch. This will cost taxpayers millions. Experts estimate that setting up and staffing the court will cost about $1 million/year.  This is moving too quickly. There are real questions about procedural aspects of a new court, and should slow down to address these concerns. National experts believe this would be one of the only -- perhaps the only -- elected statewide trial courts in the nation. 

This legislation is not wanted nor needed in the state of Tennessee and we urge Governor Lee to VETO SB0868/HB1130.