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Fund NYC’s Failing Transportation System with the Move NY Fair Plan

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It’s been called “Summer of Hell” for a reason. 

The region’s transportation network is in full-blown crisis. New Yorkers are experiencing record levels of subway delays and derailments, reduced schedules for the LIRR, dangerously overcrowded platforms and cars, Penn Station shutdowns, massive traffic jams … it’s enough to make us stay home and never want to go outside again.

Decades of underfunding the Metropolitan Transportation Agency has gotten us where we are today. The good news is that MTA Chairman Lhota and TWU President John Samuelsen have proposed an $836 million emergency plan to pull our transit system out of the ditch, at least over the near term. Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have acknowledged we also have a long-term problem that requires new revenue. Recently, they have offered up ideas on how to raise it.

While the Mayor’s “millionaire’s tax” idea seems dead on arrival in Albany, the Governor should be credited for using the crisis to embrace congestion pricing. Cuomo plans to unveil his congestion pricing-based MTA funding plan at his State of the State address in January. However, it’s not yet clear whether he intends to get behind a fully-fledged “cordon tolling” plan like Move NY, or opt instead for “CP-lite”: more politically expedient forms of congestion pricing like for-hire-vehicle charges or variable tolling on existing tolled facilities, which are good but, on their own, insufficient to get the job done. None will make the transit system worthy of the people who live here.

We thereby call on Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Flanagan, and Assembly Speaker Heastie to adopt and enact, as part of the 2018-19 state budget, the full Move NY Fair Plan.

The proposal, based on an equitable “toll swap,” is not only the fairest and most effective way to maintain, upgrade and expand mass transit in the New York metropolitan area, but it’s the only proposal on the table that would slash traffic, invest in the City’s roads and bridges, and provide significant toll and fare relief to the region’s drivers and riders. Moreover, the Move NY plan will boost the regional economy by an estimated $2.8 billion a year, while creating more than 30,000 new, local, annually recurring jobs in the process.

It’s no wonder that polls show that the Move NY Fair Plan is supported by a clear majority of voters in the City and suburbs. The proposal also has been endorsed by over 75 civic organizations, 50+ elected officials, and each of the City’s (and Long Island’s) major editorial boards, from left to right: the Times, Post, Daily News, Newsday, Crain’s, amNY, Staten Island Advance and Fox 5 News. 

With subway ridership at a 65-year high and traffic congestion as bad as it’s ever been, finding a sustainable and equitable funding solution is critical to keeping New York’s economy and people moving.

Sign the petition today and let your state officials know you won’t stand for “Years of Hell” becoming the norm. Tell them to endorse the Move NY Fair Plan today! 

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