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Make elementary music and art mandatory during the school day.

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The integration of music and art in a child’s everyday education not only gives him or her a sense of accomplishment and joy in their life, but also a positive outlet that carries over into the classroom. It has been consistently shown that music and art not only have a positive impact on brain development, but also in successful test scoring, study habits, and an overall interest in school; students become tenacious, team-orientated problem solvers who are confident and able to think creatively. Music and art provide an opportunity for students to engage in a creative and emotional outlet that supports academic learning, as music (and art) involves listening, questioning, creating, performing, and reflecting; all of which incorporate the development of a whole child. Data has also shown that when music and art drive a school district’s curriculum and scheduling, more students benefit from partaking in a strong music and art educational experience.

Yet, despite these findings, music and art are for some reason not required to be taught in the elementary schools in New York State. Three districts this past year eliminated their elementary music and art programs, including elementary band, chorus, and orchestra. Instead of having music and art taught by certified music and art teachers who are the best at their craft, these districts have elected to have the elementary classroom teachers "cover" the subject area during their regular classroom instruction. This is equivalent to eliminating your dentist and having your dental work covered by your chiropractor. With the increased push for common core and district funds being spent on Pearson initiatives, it would seem that the classroom teachers, who are NOT certified in music and art, will do very little to instruct students properly in music and art.

Not only do these cuts to elementary music and art erase opportunities for our students, they are detrimental to the middle school and high school programs; diminishing the level of musical performance and eliminating the opportunity for music and art appreciation at the elementary level, as well. Due to the lack of state aid and the increase of unfunded mandates for standardized testing through common core initiatives, critical and enriching programs that make a child whole are being pushed aside. The attack on music and art in the public schools must end! Now is the time to tell Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Department of Education that music and art MUST be mandated to be taught by certified music and art teachers! It is the only acceptable means of music and art being taught in the elementary schools!

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