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This petition is to sto HB56 in Alabama. If this law goes into effect, alot of families will be separated. Students will be required to show legal documentation; and if they are undocumented, they will be banned from taking any electives/extracurricular activities. An American citizen will be charged a felony just for giving a ride to an undocumented person. An if you are married to an undocumented person you will go to jail just for living with that individual. We need to stop this law because it is unhuman, and unAmerican. Undocumented people come looking for a better life and they contribute to this country hugely, So if they get sent back we will suffer too.

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Alabama Governor
Please stop HB 56 before it destroys families and hurts our state. We all know that a considerable amount of money comes from the Immigrant community. They work on the jobs that Americans will not take. If they get sent back,those jobs will be available but do you really think an American citizen will take that job? I really think that Alabama will suffer greatly because of this law. Georgia passed a law very similar to HB56, but they have blocked it because they noticed how the state lost millions of dollars because immigrant workers fled and so whenever they went to work at the fields they would completely skip Georgia because of the fear of deportation. So what I want to ask you, Can Alabama afford to become Arizona or Georgia? I don't think so. Plus it's pretty unfair to students to get punished when they had no say in the decicion to come to the U.S.
Please think really hard of all the harm that will be caused.

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