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Tell Governor Bentley that Alabama Can't Afford to Be Arizona

Alabama's Arizona copycat legislation, SB 256, has passed the Senate and will now move on to the House of Representatives for a vote. The House has already approved a similar measure, HB 56, which has also passed out of a Senate committee and may now be taken up on the Senate floor for a vote.  It may only be a matter of time before either HB 56 or SB 256 hits the governor's desk. Tell Governor Bentley that Alabama cannot afford this costly, ineffective and unconstitutional legislation and ask him to veto whichever of these two pieces of proposed legislation reaches his desk.

Letter to
Governor Robert Bentley
Alabama Governor
As a concerned resident of Alabama, I urge you to veto either Senate Bill 256 or its counterpart, House Bill 56, two deeply flawed pieces of legislation that would be unenforceable and extremely costly for the state and our local municipalities.

I share your frustration with our current immigration system, but HB 56 and SB 256 are not the solution to our nation's broken immigration system. Arizona has already spent millions in legal fees, trying unsuccessfully to defend similar legislation in Federal courts. Court challenges have been promised should HB 56 or SB 256 be signed into law in Alabama. In this time of economic crisis and budget shortfalls, please do not waste taxpayer dollars on defending an indefensible law.

This legislation would be costly, ineffective and unconstitutional. Please veto HB 56/SB 256.


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