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Petitioning Wisconsin Governor

Tell Gov. Walker to Defend Domestic Partner Rights

In 2009, the Wisconsin legislature changed the law to allow same-sex couples to sign up for domestic partnerships, which provide some of, but not nearly all of, the rights of marriage. Now, Governor Scott Walker wants to stop defending the law in court. Tell the governor to continue to fight for LGBT rights in Wisconsin!  

Letter to
Wisconsin Governor
Recently, It was brought to my attention that Gov. Walker has requested permission to cease defending the Wisconsin domestic partner registry. I am requesting that you reconsider this position.

The domestic partner registry provides nothing close to full marriage benefits. But the registry does provide important benefits to the LGBT population in Wisconsin. It allows same-sex couples to make important medical decisions for their partners. While the domestic partner registry is open to everyone in the state, it is the only option available to same-sex couples to formalize their relationship.

It has been argued that LGBT groups can step in to defend the law in court. However, it is the government's responsibility to fight for the rights of its citizens. The citizens of Wisconsin should be able to depend on the state government to stand up for their rights.

Please continue to defend the state domestic partner registry.

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