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Tell Gov. McDonnell: Invest in sustainable public transit, not another highway

Traffic is choking our region, and tax dollars are scarce. We need to invest in sustainable solutions for transportation, like the Silver Line, new transit connections, bike and pedestrian improvements, and repairs to existing roads. But lobbyists are pushing for an unneeded and wasteful Outer Beltway that would take resources away from where they’re really needed.

The Outer Beltway would do nothing to solve our traffic problems, but it’s been shown time after time that transit does. It’s time we show Virginia leaders where we want our money spent.

Please sign our petition calling on Governor McDonnell and Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton to stop this unneeded and fiscally irresponsible highway. Once you sign the petition, please take a moment to pass it on to a few friends. We'll let you know when we present the petition to elected officials and decision makers.

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