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Tell GOP Governors: Stop the Birther Bills

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No matter how many times it’s disproven, Republicans still embrace the dangerous conspiracy theory that President Obama wasn’t born in this country and is not eligible to hold office.

It’s just not true. But that hasn’t stopped Republicans in numerous state legislatures from introducing “birther” bills aimed specifically at undermining President Obama.

And it hasn’t stopped Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) from promising to sign one of these bills. In Indiana, you know that Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels will fall over himself to score points with the Tea Party if the bill under consideration there reaches his desk.

ENOUGH! Stand with the DGA today against these birther bills. The Republicans need to stay laser-focused on creating jobs and improving the economy, not supporting sideshow issues in order to score cheap political points.

Sign the petition now and show Republican governors like Bobby Jindal and Mitch Daniels that you oppose these so-called birther bills.

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