Tell Google to stop funding climate change denial!

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Despite Google’s unofficial motto - “Don’t be evil” - and it’s support for action on climate change publicly, it has recently come to light from an article in The Guardian that the company has made large financial contributions to think tanks that spread misinformation and climate change denial. These include the Competitive Enterprise Institute - which was instrumental in convincing Donald Trump to pull out of the Paris Accord - and the State Policy Network - which funds the Heartland Institute, and sponsored a “pledge” that “there is no climate crisis”. 

It is absolutely abhorrent that a company claiming to be a champion of climate action would be funding the climate denial machine. It’s time to send a message to Larry Page, founder of Google and now CEO of its parent company Alphabet: “Stop being evil.”

As one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, we must demand leadership on climate from Google and call it out for its hypocrisy on this issue. The climate crisis will only be solved if the world’s most powerful corporations turn words into action and defund groups spreading misinformation.


We, the undersigned, in accordance with the gravity and urgency of the global climate crisis and its disproportionate harm to marginalized people, call on Google to commit to zero funding for climate-denying or -delaying think tanks, lobbyists, and politicians.