Petition Update

I unfortunately cannot change the name of the petition.

Michael T
Phoenix, AZ

Jul 4, 2012 —  Fortunately, when google finally get these letters in this petition, they will be receiving not the name of this petition, but each and every one of your angry letters and annoyed and dismayed opinions. So I encourage you to continue to post reasons for having sign this petition, and continue passing it on to friends , acquaintances, people you know from the range, the gun stores, police offcer friends, and anyone else you could possibly think of who support would be valuable.

Our goal is it has always been to convince a google to adopt a policy that is conducive to free trade of perfectly legal items that are part of the american society and it's values, and not with a values of a les than free country without our constitution. We'll show them that every other object if they have banned from google did not bother us as much, because those items were not protected by the united states bill of rights.