Petition Update

America is angry! Google is blatantly stomping all over American values.

Michael T
Phoenix, AZ

Jul 3, 2012 — We are garnering more and more support from day to day. I am reading many very excellent reasons people are signing this petition. The general feeling is a feeling of utter shock and anger at Google.

Make no mistake, Google has censored us. They are choosing what they will allow claiming it to be against their "values" Whilst allowing crude and pornographic materials to thrive. That just goes to show how far away from American families Google's "values" actually are.

I issue a challenge to everyone henceforth. Get someone who is important in the shooting community, local or otherwise, to reference this petition. It could be a local gun store, shooting club, a popular blogger, Youtuber, or someone on TV. Just get them to notice this petition.

Also, if you haven't already, please pass this along on your standard social networking tools. (forums, facebook, twitter, etc.) ,

The ONLY way your signature will mean anything at all is if we reach our goal.