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Tell Go Daddy's Founder: Real Men Don't Kill Elephants

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In a video blog he posted on March 14, 2011, Go Daddy Founder and Executive Chairman Bob Parsons shoots and kills an elephant while he’s on vacation in Africa.

"Each year I go to Zimbabwe and hunt problem elephant," Parsons writes. "It's one of the most benefecial and rewarding things I do."

Hunting Problem Elephant  –  My 2011 Vacation is basically a gruesome, 4-minute elephant snuff film. Parsons guns down a bull elephant and then poses beside the carcass. The next morning, dozens of villagers – all wearing Go Daddy hats  –  are shown butchering the fallen beast.

“Bulls do not return to fields. Crops are saved. Team leaves to find another farmer in need of help,” the end title reads.

While Parsons fancies himself a hero, the fact is there are many more humane, gun-free ways to keep elephants away from crops.

Conservationists and farmers have been working together to create harmless elephant-shooing devices, such as chili-infused string fences, beehives on poles, and  people standing guard to bang bamboo sticks, ring cowbells and shine spotlights on the elephants when they approach the crops at night.

If Parsons truly wants to be a hero, he should donate the thousands of dollars he spent to kill that elephant on his vacation to organizations that are working on humane ways to resolve the problem all year round.

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