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You made a difference!

Hello from Healthy Babies Bright Futures, Over the past six months, you helped us tell Gerber to get arsenic out of their infant rice cereal. You made a difference! With more than 115,000 petition signers asking Gerber and other baby food companies and retailers to take dangerous chemicals out of baby foods, you’ve helped us capture Gerber’s attention. We're not finished just yet... Please keep sharing the petition with your friends and family and keep using the hashtag #GetArsenicOut on social media to voice your concerns to baby food manufacturers. Let's get to 150,000 signatures! Next week, we are meeting with Gerber at their Washington, D.C. area office. We’ll thank them for their steps to reduce arsenic levels. And, we’ll ask them to work with us to get every baby food manufacturer to adopt a code of practice to eliminate arsenic – and toxic plastics additives called phthalates – from their baby foods. Our work won’t be done until we convince the baby food industry to get the toxic chemicals out of the food we feed our babies. Thank you for helping babies have a brighter future!

Healthy Babies Bright Futures
5 years ago