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Petitioning CEO, News Corporation Rupert Murdoch

Tell Fox News and the Wall Street Journal to Get the Facts Straight

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is a global media company that owns everything from newspapers to television networks to film studios. The company has stated publicly that "News Corporation is committed to addressing its impact on climate change." They also say they "hope to engage our audiences and enable them to find ways to reduce carbon emissions in their own lives."

So why is News Corp. - the parent company of Fox News - giving so much air time and column inches to people who attack climate science and mislead the public?

News Corp. has broadcast and published media pundits claims that the earth's temperatures have flat-lined, that arctic ice is increasing, and that there is no such thing as global warming.

Please urge News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch to match his corporation's green pledges with real action. Tell him we aren't entertained by scientific misinformation.


Letter to
CEO, News Corporation Rupert Murdoch
As someone who has read your company's newspapers and watched your television shows and movies, I want to thank you for committing News Corporation to addressing the urgent issue of global warming and for pledging that the company will become carbon neutral by 2010.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges we face today to adequately addressing global warming is coming from your employees.

Fox News show hosts, their guests, and Wall Street Journal columnists regularly misrepresent climate science and attack scientists. Often, they claim climate change itself is not real despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that it is. Allowing their fraudulent claims to go unchecked misleads your audience. This runs counter to News Corp.'s stated policy to "engage our audiences and enable them to find ways to reduce carbon emissions in their own lives."

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Pete du Pont, and Kimberley Strassel among others, have all attacked the science behind global warming in media outlets owned by News Corp. – including Beck's outrageous claim that Arctic ice is increasing.

I am not entertained by outrageous statements and the misuse of science. Your paid commentators have the right to broadcast their opinions, but not to make up their own facts.

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