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Tell FOX 40 that victims of sex trafficking should not be televised and to apologize.



Please view the video attached to see a reporter attack a prostituted woman during a raid in Sacramento.  Not only do they show the faces of prostituted women, they admit that some of them are 14 or 15 years old.  That by definition is human trafficking and therefore they have televised images of possible victims of sex trafficking.  This broadcast is disturbing and disgusting.  We need to tell FOX40 that prostituted women should be treated as victims of human trafficking and not paraded around as "hookers" for sensationalized news ratings. I am asking FOX40 to publicly admit they were wroing in airing this segment, have them remove it from their website and to apologize to the women they publicly disgraced. 

Letter to
FOX 40 News Mike Armstrong
I was incredibly disturbed by a segment which aired on FOX40 News in Sacramento regarding a raid which took place on Tuesday, August 2rd 2010. The segment showed prostituted women being removed from a hotel known to be an area used for prostitution. Prostituted women are victims of sex trafficking no matter their age and the fact that your station even admitted that some of the girls were as young as 14 or 15 shows that the reporting and airing of this footage was careless and harmful to the individuals that are now being broadcast throughout the internet as what your anchor, Donna Cordova, called "hookers". I am asking that Rick Boone of FOX40 News offer a public apology to the women he attacked in this segment and admit that he understands that they may have been victims of sex trafficking and therefore he was wrong in his actions. I would also like you to remove the video from your website in order to end the international broadcast of a video which identifies victims of sex trafficking which will prove to be detrimental to those victims lives. I apprecaite your responsibility to the community in complying with these requests. Thank you.

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