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Tell Fisher-Price: Don't Hide What's Inside

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As a nurse and a mother of a 10 month-old, I look for safety first when it comes to the products I buy for my baby. I especially want to know when products contain toxic flame retardant chemicals, as their health risks are so great.

Many flame retardant chemicals have been proven to be extremely toxic. Children exposed in the womb have lower IQs and attention problems. Studies have linked flame retardants to cancer, male infertility, birth defects, early puberty in girls, and even obesity.

So I was shocked to learn that Fisher Price, a brand trusted by so many parents, is standing in the way of a California law (SB 763) that calls for labeling of baby products to inform parents if they contain toxic flame retardant chemicals. Why would they oppose this law? Every parent deserves to know about toxic chemicals in products we buy for our children.

As any parent knows, baby products already come with many health and safety labels, so it’s easy for companies to add information to their labels about flame retardants. That's why it’s so troubling that Fisher Price's trade group, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, has chosen to oppose the labeling bill, siding with the chemical companies that make these toxic flame retardants. These flame retardant companies have a long track record of deceiving consumers and legislators about the serious health risks their products pose.

As a mom, I want to do everything I can to protect my daughter. But without clear labels that let me know when baby products contain toxic flame retardants, I'm left shopping in the dark, and potentially putting my daughter at risk for terrible diseases.

Since California is such a large market, passing this law here would make labeling a national priority for companies that make and sell baby products. Please join me in urging Fisher Price to withdraw its opposition to SB 763 in California. Call on Fisher Price to be leaders in children’s safety, to restore our trust in its brand.

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